First of all, if you are reading this, thank you for considering my small business for your laundry needs! Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Stacy and I am the owner and operator of Dirty Laundry Dispatch.

All About Stacy

I was born and raised right here in Bradenton. I graduated from Lakewood Ranch High School. I am a local wife and mom just trying to build a small business to help support my family. My amazing husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary in January of 2021 and we are raising three incredible children.

A Little Background

After a rocky childhood, I pursued my goals with determination and put myself through law school. I’m proud to say that I graduated top 10 in my class a mere 17 days before my third child was born. Unfortunately, while relatively minor, he was born with several physical and health issues. This meant a LOT of doctors appointments and physical therapy for the first year and half of his life. In fact, I half-joke that I spent more time with the doctor than with my husband. It was then that I made the choice that working didn’t make sense for our family at that time, he needed my time and attention to ensure he got the proper care.

The Pandemic Struck

Once he received a clean bill of health, the pandemic hit, schools were closed and now my older children needed me to be their homeschool teacher. Even under all of this stress, I was determined to continue on the road of becoming a lawyer and signed up to take the bar exam. Despite all of the challenges, including the fact that this was the most chaotic bar exam in the history of the Florida Bar, I PASSED. However, I still had a health compromised toddler that could not go to daycare and two other children who were now home full-time.

Inspired To Create A Business

One day I was on a zoom call with my friend, watching The Great British Bake Off and folding laundry together when she said “All I want from Santa is someone to do my laundry for me!” And Dirty Laundry Dispatch was born!

What Else Do I Enjoy?

When I’m not doing laundry, or running my kids around to their activities, you can find me watching Netflix, playing board games, or putting together a Lego set.